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Agency Experience

Ecotech Resources, Inc. is proud to have worked with the following agencies: the California High Speed Rail Authority, the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Department of General Services, and many more.

Berkeley Marine Center- Permitting and Environmental Management
Ecotech Resources has an on-going project at the Berkeley Marine Center to provide regulatory compliance, permitting and environmental management consulting services regarding industrial and hazardous waste management, storm water monitoring, and site remediation. Ecotech has assisted the client in regulatory enforcement proceedings regarding alleged treatment of hazardous wastes, storm water Best Management Practices, and soil investigation and remediation issues. During the course of the project, Ecotech directed review of regulatory issues and negotiations with the oversight regulatory agency, provided waste characterization analyses to eliminate hazardous waste treatment, developed risk based cleanup standards for soils, and provided environmental management advisory services to improve operations.

ENPLAN/ California Department of General Services- Campus Geotechnical Reporting
Working as a subcontractor, Ecotech developed a scope of work to conduct a geotechnical and environmental sampling program of a California-owned campus facility undergoing building upgrades. Samples of soil and groundwater were collected and analyzed to determine the geotechnical capabilities of the on-site soils, and whether the environmental media had been contaminated from nearby off-site sources. Ecotech determined that the geotechnical properties of the site were adequate for the planned building upgrades, and that low levels of petroleum and solvent contaminants were present in soils and groundwater. Ecotech provided recommendations to the prime and client for the stockpiling of contaminated soils and groundwater for off-site disposal.

Ecology & Environment, Inc. / California Public Utilities Commission- CEQA Compliance and Mitigation
Ecotech Resources has been tasked with the responsibility to provide compliance monitoring of the CEQA mitigation, monitoring and reporting (MMR) requirements developed for Southern California Edison’s general contractor in the construction of a new electrical substation and 60 miles of transmission lines in the southwest corridor of Riverside County.

Ecotech’s biologists provide on-site monitoring and inspection of the construction area and activities for compliance with the approved MMR developed for the project over a three year period. The MMR developed for the project includes identification of sensitive plant and animal species and protection of threatened and endangered species and habitat during the construction period. The MMR also included protection of nesting raptors and floral seed banks, cultural and paleontology monitoring during grading, storm water pollution prevention, fugitive dust suppression, carbon emissions from vehicle and construction equipment, and hazardous materials management. Following construction, Ecotech will monitor restoration of habitat for two years.